I caned my first chair in 1975. A friend’s mother asked me to cane her bentwood Thonet style dining chair. I had been an art history major in college with an interest in weaving textiles and hand spinning. I knew if I could take a weave apart, there was a good chance I could put it back together again. From this beginning premise, I have been taking chairs apart since then and reweaving them back to original condition.

Carla Stellwagen Chair Caning operated for 35 years in Santa Barbara, California repiaring everything from 17th-century French caned chair backs to Hans Wegner Danish modern pieces. Following my interest in mid-century furniture design, I have visited friends and family in Denmark on many occassions.

I have found that almost everyone has a family chair tucked away that they would love to have restored.

Bellingham Washington is the new home of Cascadia Caning.  Clients have delivered chairs to me from all areas of Washington State and Vancouver, BC.